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Every adventurer needs a sidekick!

Check out this list of accessories and gear for the adventurous pups out there!


Dog Accessories & Gear for the Adventurers



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Pet Harness

A good quality hiking harness is crucial for your pet’s safety. Going on fun adventures can be really exciting for our dogs. However, the new elements; sights, smells, or other animals can cause them to pull, run, or dart away. A harness will keep them safe and close to us while still being comfortable to wear. The Ruffwear Front Range Harness (pictured) is for everyday use. It is padded for comfortability, has two leash attachment points, reflective trim, an ID pocket, and comes in a variety of colors. For avid hikers, rough terrains, or dogs who may need assistance throughout trails, the Web Master Harness is durably built for lifting and assisting our pups. 



Pet Pack

If you’re going to be exploring far from the campsite, it’s best to go prepared. Bring along the essentials! The OneTigris Dog Pack makes it easy to split the load with your pal! Throw in a small pet first aid, water, collapsible food bowls, snacks, or toys!


Sport Sack

So maybe we are more of the adventurers with our pets being more than happy to tag along! Perhaps your dog gets tired along the way, has a physical disability, or suffers from separation anxiety. The K9 Sport Sack makes it possible to bring your companions along wherever you may go! 


K9 Water Bottle

Hydration is essential whether you and your dog are at the campsite, off hiking, at a bark park, or taking a stroll around the campground. The H2O4K9, Dog Water Bottle is great for this! 


Collapsible Bowls

Portable food and water containers make getting a snack and drink super easy along the way. These Collapsible Dog Bowls are perfect for on-the-go and letting your dog get both a snack and drink at the same time. It then folds down to a fraction of its size!


Doggie Drinklets

Run out of backpack room? The Doggie Drinklets Pack are small portable drinking bowls perfect for on-the-go. Store these in your wallet, backpack, pocket, in vehicle seat pockets — anywhere, so that your pet always has a way to stay hydrated wherever you may be.



Hands-Free Leash

Although you may trust your pet to run free, it’s always best to have them on a leash at all times. A hands-free leash keeps your dog safe and secure to you while allowing you use of both hands. Hands free leashes are best for runners, hikers, or those training their dog. The SparklyPets Hands-Free Dog Leash allows you to go hands free as the leash absorbs shocks with an easy grip control handle. The FURRY BUDDY Hands Free Dog Leash  (pictured) features a belt with a water bottle holder and zippered pouch for necessities. Now you can really go hands-free and enjoy the adventure!


Dog Sleeping Bag

Ruffing– I mean, roughing it for the night? The RUFFWEAR Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag will keep your pooch warm and comfortable while spending the night under the stars. 


Flotation Device

A floatation device is crucial for water adventures. Even if your dog is a great swimmer, it is a good idea to put a life jacket on them during any water excursion. Life jackets come in a variety of designs for your pet. The Outward Hound Dog Life Jacket (pictured) and the RUFFWEAR Dog Life Jacket are both popular life jackets that are highly visible in the water, adjustable, helps dogs swim in their natural position, and includes a rescue handle.


Floatation Device

The O’Brien Neoprene Pet Life Vest is also a notable reference. The material is thin and not super bulky. It may be a better option for pets who dislike having anything on them. Be sure to try a life jacket on your dog before boating or swimming and make sure it fits snuggly. Pull on the back handle and lift, making sure that if you have to pull your pet out of the water they will not slip out of the life jacket. 



Pet Stroller/Bike Trailer

Pet strollers are becoming more common around the campground! A pet bike trailer, like the Aosom Elite-Jr 2-in-1 Pet Bicycle Trailer/Stroller, is a great product for bikers with pets out there! Attach it to your bike as a bike trailer or attach the front wheel and handle for a stroller. This bike trailer/stroller works perfectly for taking our dog along to pet friendly beaches, hiking paths, outdoor restaurants, or sightseeing. The best part– it folds for storing!



Cold Weather Wear

Our pets get cold too! If you plan on spending a good amount of time outside in extremely cold temperatures, a winter coat or sweater can help hold their body temperature in. Of course there’s the cutest little sweaters and vests out there, but, if you are going to be hiking and exploring the wilderness, something durable is ideal. Additionally, skip the cute bells and whistles because they can get caught on branches along the way.

The RUFFWEAR Overcoat is an abrasion-resistant, fleece-lined jacket built with durable materials for active dogs. Wind and water-resistant outer fabric protects against hard elements while the fleece lining keeps your pet’s body heat in. For extremely cold weather is the RUFFWEAR’S Powder Hound (pictured) most insulated jacket. This winter jacket is made of polyester shell fabric, synthetic insulation, and stretch fabric to keep your dog warm and comfortable. 


Warm Weather Wear

The RUFFWEAR Swamp Cooler jacket keeps your dog cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions thanks to its water-activated system. Simply add cold water and wring out. The three-layer design pulls heat from your dog while the light-colored fabric reflects solar radiation. Use on hot summer days and on fun, warm weather excursions.


Dog Booties

The Bark Brite Boots can help protect their paws as they explore rough terrain, snowy paths, or experience very hot asphalt.



Dog Goggles

A little extra? Yes… But, if your dog will keep these Dog Goggles on, they’d be the coolest dog prancin’ through the campground! 




Seat Protection

Odds are you’ll be bringing a very happy, but dirty pet back to camp! Protect your seats with the BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover. This seat cover protects your seat from scratches, fur, wet, or muddy adventurers! It is designed for many standard backseats and is made of heavy-duty waterproof polyester.



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