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As RV owners or renters, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to haul belongings along to our dream destination.

Though when on the road, the motorhome or travel trailer is packed up, slides are in, and certain items become inaccessible.


Based on our travels, we’ve learned to keep a few travel supplies just a short reach away!



RV Road Trip? Keep these Items a Reach Away!



Road Trip Items to Keep Closeby



Registration, Insurance, & License

Keep important documents in an easily accessible location like the glove box or in an organizing file tucked in the overhead storage cabinet of the motorhome. A file like this can hold things like: registration, insurance, reservation confirmations, pet records, important numbers (doctor’s office and vet clinic), and keepsakes gathered along the way. 


Phone Charger

Keep your phone and other devices charged for running maps or music.


Gas Gloves

Fueling up can get a bit messy. Although some truck stops offer disposable gloves for customers, it’s helpful to keep a few right in the driver’s seat back just in case.


Hand Sanitizer

On our road trips, we touch gas nozzles, door handles, money, and who knows what else– then we go reaching into our travel snacks. Keep a sanitizer near to keep hands clean and everyone healthy along the way.

Wet Wipes/Napkins

No road trip is complete without something salty, something sweet, and something to rinse it down. Have some napkins or wet wipes close by for a quick clean up.

Trash Bag/Empty Grocery Sack

Keep an empty trash bag or grocery bag within reach to collect trash and keep your vehicle clean. This may also come in handy just in case a traveler is to get car sick.

Neck Pillow 

A travel neck support will help travelers stay comfortable for the ride.


Dog Leash and Poop Bags

Our pets need to make quick pit stops too! Have a leash and poop bags right in the back of the seat pocket for convenience.  



These days almost everyone uses navigation from a form of technology. Still, it’s wise to have a paper map or a second form of navigation close by– just in case. 

Money/Change for Tolls

Axels add up for us RVers! Having a bag full of change in the glove compartment or back of the driver’s seat will be needed for toll roads.

Tools/Roadside Emergency Kit

A tool box can’t necessarily be an “arms reach away”. Despite what compartment these are in, do not bury these tools under heaps of other camping supplies. Have these tools in an easily accessible location you can quickly get to.

A few ideal things are:




Odds are, your roadside emergency kit is in an outside compartment. If it’s dark out, you’ll need a flashlight to get to this. Likewise a flashlight or a headlamp will be helpful if having to hook up at a campsite late at night. Consider a handsfree lantern flashlight light like the LE Rechargeable Camping Lantern or the  Luminoodle. This portable LED light rope includes a rechargeable lithium battery pack with magnets so that it can be stuck on any vehicle, RV, tent pole, bike– anything metal! It also converts into a lantern.


Umbrella/Poncho/Rain Suit

If your avid RVers, odds are you’ve had to hookup or tear-tear down in the pouring rain. A rain suit, like Frogg Toggs is extremely convenient to have for this.


Travel Games/Entertainment

Don’t forget to pack a few games and activities to keep antsy riders busy. The Crayola Color Wonder Stow and Go works perfectly for creative travelers! 


Good Tunes

Amazon Music Unlimited is great for travelers! This service features tens of millions of songs including playlists and stations. Aside from being completely ad free, songs and playlists can be downloaded for offline listening— perfect for road trips or air travel. Select a playlist and bluetooth it through your motorhome. You will never get sick of the same song over and over! 


You never know what items you need or wish you had until you’ve hit the road. Being prepared significantly helps for a smooth and enjoyable road trip ahead.


What items can you add to this list?





RVING IS BEING prepared for the journey ahead.