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As you’ve read in the recent, Spruce Up Your RV Kitchen with these Decorative (Plus Useful) Accessories, you’ve seen how to add a splash of trendy decor to the kitchen, all while incorporating accessories that are

Now it’s time to hit the living room

Camper units use every inch of space efficiently. While there’s the cutest camping decor out there, let’s face it– we don’t have room for knick-knacks, vases, wall decor, and extra furniture like a more permanent residence would. Not only do things need to be space-friendly, but they also must be able to handle the bumpy roads ahead. That’s why we will be decorating for FUNCTIONALITY!

Check out the decorative, yet functional accessories below for your RV living area. It doesn’t take much to transform your travel trailer or motorhome into a cozy, living space that perfectly complements your adventures!


Liven Up Your RV Living Room with these Decorative (Plus Useful) Accessories



rv living room style


A comfortable, low pile area rug can quickly liven up a living area while adding comfort to the hard floors. Since RV space tends to flow from one room into the next, an area rug helps break up the open floor plan, creating visual boundaries and defining the living room– making a more home-like feel.


Camco Life is Better at The Campsite Camper/RV Plush Fleece Blanket | Queen Size | Blue, Polyester (53440)

Every cozy abode needs a warm throw blanket or two. Plus, they’re not just for looks. Bundle up and save on your propane during the chilly months! This comes in blue, greige, and gold.

More camp-themed throw blankets:



A set of decor pillows can functionally add flare to any rig. Swap out colors for a seasonal update or liven up your space with the cute, camping theme!

More camp-themed decor pillows:



Storage Ottoman


Keep cozy throws, magazines, or toys contained while having a place to put your feet up. Ottomans come in a variety of styles. From tufted, square, round, rectangle, faux-leather, and more to match your space. This one (above) stores supplies while also collapsing flat when not in use.



Square Wood Charcuterie Serving KalmarHome
Square Wood Charcuterie/Serving Tray by KalmarHome via


Unfortunately, campers may lack an end table in the living area. While many have a booth or dinette to set a nice, hot cup of coffee on, the living area may need a place to set loose items. An ottoman tray can turn any piece of furniture into the perfect end table you need. Plus, it doubles as a serving tray for outdoor picnics.



cork board map wall decor Geo101Design
Travel Map US by Geo101Design via


If you have a bare wall that could use a splash of decor, opt for something that is lightweight and won’t shatter if it is to fall off the wall during a bumpy journey. (Also, keep in mind, the bare wall can not be affected by the slide-outs extending or retracting.) This cork board USA map by adds a decorative touch to a plain wall while keeping track of your exciting adventures.



Camco Camper/RV Nightlight | 360-Degree Swivel Base | LED, 120V, Blue (53106)

Safely find your way in darkness with Camco’s Camper Nightlight. Its 120V LED bulb is energy-efficient and controlled by an on/off switch. 



Merrick Lane 20

Another way to spruce up a boring wall is to add a decorative chalkboard or whiteboard. From different hanging options, you can choose to mount a chalkboard, hang one to easily remove during travel, or stick one on the wall with a vinyl decal for a less permanent and lightweight alternative. Liven up the space with inspiring travel quotes or write down important notes for the day; like a campground’s address, Wi-Fi password, gate code, or scheduled itinerary.



A wall clock serves as a both functional and decorative piece to any plain wall. 



Metal Iron Wall Black Basket
Metal Iron Wall Black Basket by AlacartCreations via


Organize campground brochures, pamphlets, magazines and more with these decorative wall baskets. Using vertical space, these significantly help declutter RV countertops, creating a clean and tidy room. The Metal Iron Wall Baskets (above) adds a rustic look to your RV interior while keeping paperwork and decor nice and secure for the ride. Take a look at other hanging wall organizers. From trendy file organizers, to hanging bins, and stylish wall pockets— decorate your home-on-wheels while staying organized at the same time.



Key Holder by BurkeMetalWork via




Need a little remodeling? You’ve seen how a backsplash adds such an elegant upgrade to an RV kitchen in Spruce Up Your RV Kitchen with these Decorative (Plus Useful) Accessories. Similarly, creating an accent wall can transform the entire RV interior. Consider adding modern shiplap, wall decals, or stick on wallpaper to your living area.


It seems like almost every RV comes with those padded, window framing valances. While some may not mind the manufacturer’s taste, others may look to upgrade this distinctive piece in trailers or motorhomes. Remodeling window treatments can significantly brighten up and modernize any camper unit– making it instantly feel like more of a home. Plus, now is a great time to include those Custom Day/Night Shades you’ve been wanting for privacy and a good night’s sleep



Jacknife Couch Slip Cover by GlampNChicks
Jacknife Couch Slip Cover by GlampNChicks via


Quickly change up your RV seating with slip covers! Customize your area with your own choice of fabric and measurements through GlampNChicks shop or select from a variety of colors with the Easy-Going Stretch Sofa Slipcovers.


iconNeed to upgrade your RV sofa? Swap out the old with a new, contemporary style. Measure your space to select the correct fit. Incorporate useful features, like an extra sleeping space in a sofa sleeper or a comfortable recliner.



No end table? No problem! Store magazines, remotes and more while the tray top holds snacks, your phone, and other accessories with this Sofa Armrest Organizer.







RVING IS BEING functionally decorative.