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Check out these ultimate products and accessories for your RV kitchen!

No matter a teardrop trailer or big rig, camper or glamper, this list has something for everyone.

It includes everything you might need to stock your RV kitchen– the necessities, the nice-to-haves, and the JUST. PLAIN. EXTRAS.

A stocked and well-organized kitchen helps create good meals and great memories! Scan through the list for ideas that could work perfectly in your unique home-on-wheels.


100 + Products & Accessories for Your RV Kitchen

The Necessities, Nice-to-Haves, & Just Plain Extras




Tableware & Accessories




You’ll need a set of tableware for indoor and outdoor meals. Break-resistant, melamine dishes, like this camp themed set, will complement many picnics ahead.

More dish sets:



Make sure your drinkware can handle the ride and activities outside! Go for durable, stainless steel tumblers, like Yeti Rambler or Hydro Flaskor sip out of unbreakable, plastic tumblers, like Tervis or Newport Tumblers.



Don’t forget to protect RV surfaces with a nice set of camping coasters.



Nothing goes better with a beautiful sunrise than a hot coffee in hand. These double-walled, durable mugs hold in heat keeping beverages hot for longer.

More mug sets:


Wine Glasses

This GSI Outdoors Nesting Wine Glass Set not only breaks down to save space, but is super lightweight and made of tough plastic. It’s classy yet still RV-friendly.


Disposable Tableware

Sometimes large get-togethers, barbecues, or reunions call for disposable dishware for easy cleanup and convenience. For this, opt for Stack Man Natural Disposables, which are 100% compostable. Also, check out their 5-compartment trays!


(3 pack) Solo 'Write on' Disposable Plastic Cups, Printed, 18oz, 22 Count

Solo Cups

Don’t lose your cup in a crowd! Keep track of your drink with write on Solo party cups. No pen or marker is needed. Simply peel and scratch!


Utensils, Tools & Gadgets




Unless you’re tent camping, skip the sporks and 4-in-1 eating utensils. Although these are great for on-the-go picnics, it’s best to get a set that is comfortable and easy to use. In fact, go for something durable, sleek and sturdy. Also, lose the bulky handles or elegant designs. A simple design without crevices or deep grooves in the handles are best for hand washing.


Silverware Organizer

Organize silverware in small drawer spaces with the Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Kitchen Organizer Tray

More small space utensil organizers:



Adjustable Cutlery Tray

For larger drawers, consider adjustable cutlery trays for an easy custom fit.

More adjustable cutlery trays:

iconCooking Utensil Set 

All campers need the basics: a pair of scissors, a can opener, a slotted spoon, a stirring spoon, a turner, a ladle, tongs, and a whisk. After all, some kitchen sets seem to come with everything you’d possibly need. Just remember, you only have so much space in your RV kitchen. Find a set that works for you or add utensils as you go.


Kitchen Scissors

Every camper needs a quality pair of kitchen shears. The OXO Good Grips Kitchen Scissors are strong and comfortable.


Knife Set

The need for a knife set varies between campers and their camp-styles. Some may only bring the basics, where others bust out their inner-campsite-chef with a knife set just like at home. Consider your kitchen space and cooking preferences when selecting the right accessories for your RV kitchen.


Knife Holder 

RV space and storage are often the biggest obstacles travelers encounter. If you’re limited on counter space, opt for an inside cabinet magnetic knife holder, a small block, or a drawer tray.


OXO Good Grips Chrome Black/Silver Rubber/Stainless Steel Manual Can Opener

Can Opener

The more you camp, the more you’ll figure out what accessories you need. One thing is for sure, make room in your RV kitchen drawer for a can opener. Don’t get stuck boondocking without one you can rely on.


Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Pasta Server & Turner

New to camping? If you’re not exactly sure what you’ll need in your RV kitchen, get the basics tools and add from there.


Bottle Opener

To some, a bottle opener is a camping essential. Better pack one for the outside kitchen too!



Don’t forget a corkscrew to open your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy the sunset.


Mini Kitchen Gadgets 

The PortoFino 5-Piece Kitchen Set comes with a grater, grinder, pizza cutter, bottle opener, and a vegetable peeler. Its small, compact design makes it ideal for RVs.


Meat Thermometer

No more guessing and overcooking meats to make sure they are safe to eat. The Kizen Instant Read Meat Thermometer takes a temperature in seconds with a waterproof body, bright display, and easy storage design.


Utensil Organizers

Organize kitchen utensils to help create a smooth running kitchen.

More utensil organizers:


Ice Tray

Ever think about filling an ice tray and hitting the road? Good luck! This No-spill ice tray makes ice cubes without the mess while also doubling as an ice pack. Simply fill and freeze.


Food Prep, Serve & Store



Cutting Board

Make room to prep food for the grill or bonfire! The Camco Hardwood Cutting Board and Stove Topper optimizes counter space by fitting over most stove tops. Additionally, wash, drain, and chop all with a collapsible cutting board, wash basin, and colander. Need more all-in-one tools? The Pepe Nero is a 9-in-1 multifunctional cutting board that includes a collapsible strainer, cutting board, vegetable and fruit slicers, a large cleaver knife, and a small knife.


This Camping World Barbecue Tray is designed with ridges to help contain items and keep them from sliding.

Mixing Bowls with Lids Set of 5, Vesteel Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls Metal Nesting Salad Bowls, Size 4.5, 3, 1.5, 1, 0.7 QT Great for Cooking, Baking, Serving - Multi-ColorNesting Dishware

Think space-efficient! Large mixing, serving, or food storage bowls are BULKY! Nesting items are great in small cupboard spaces.

More nesting kitchen items:


Measuring Spoons & Cups

Avid or full time RVers often find themselves cooking and baking more inside the rig. A nice set of measuring spoons and cups that collapse and nest together take up less drawer space.

Salad Spinner

Having the right tools in the camper can help you stay on a healthy track during vacation. Even better, this salad spinner is collapsible, taking up less room.


Food Storage Containers

Whether for refrigerator use or pantry, space-saving is key. Look for collapsible food storage containers or bins that stack when full.


Serving Trays, Platters & Containers

Serveware comes in handy when transporting dishes, meals, condiments, and utensils back and forth from the RV. While serving trays and dishes can be rather bulky to store, opt for items that are easily storable, collapse, or are multi-use, making them worthwhile.

More serving trays, platters, & containers:


Utensil Caddy

A picnic caddy can help cut down on the amount of trips needed to haul supplies to and from the camper come meal time.


Chip Clips

Keep chips, nuts, marshmallows and more tightly closed for freshness and especially for the ride home– if there’s any left!


Cookware, Bakeware & Grills


Pots & Pans

For weekend retreaters, a couple of pots and pans will do. Most find a simple set, like the Carote 11-Piece Cookware Set or Magma 7-Piece “Nesting” Cookware Set, is all they need for the camper. These sets both stack nicely for space-saving storage in cabinets.

More pots & pans sets:

Pots & Pan Protectors

If you’re new to RVing, you’ll quickly realize that pots, pans, and dishware take on many bumpy roads. While it may be more annoying than anything, this wear and tear can scratch, chip, and even shatter items overtime. Pot & pan protectors keep your accessories safe and secure for the path ahead.


Cast Iron Skillet

You’ll see that many campers have one of these. Why? Because they do it all! Searing, sautéing, baking, broiling, braising, frying, and grilling. Even better, they can be used in the oven, on the stove, on a grill, or over a campfire!


Wolf’em Marshmallow Roasting Stick

Bake biscuit dough cups with the Wolf’em fire pit roasting stick and fill with your favorite savory fillings!


Bakeware Set

Want to use the RV oven or convection microwave? You can bake cookies, cakes, and more– just like at home! Have a small bake set on hand for delicious campsite treats.


Casserole Dish

Bake something tasty to share with a crowd, or make something savory just for yourself with this 8×8 baking pan. Remember, be sure to select dishes that fit inside your RV oven. They often run smaller than the ones at home.

Crock-Pot 7-Quart Manual Slow Cooker, Black

Slow Cooker

A crock pot is one of the most popular kitchen accessories every camper has. Why? Because it’s EASY! Add a meal in the morning and let it simmer while you’re out at the campsite. Don’t forget liners for a super easy cleanup!


Pot Holders 

Watch out! Most RV countertops aren’t as heat tolerant as granite surfaces. At the same time, be careful about setting hot pans directly on plastic picnic tables. A set of pot holders protects surfaces, keeps hot dishes from moving, and can be folded to fit in tight kitchen drawers. Use these both inside and out– handling hot pans from the oven to over the campfire.


Grease Storage Container

This Camco Grease Storage Container makes disposing of cooking grease easy on you and your rig. Simply pour until the odor-locking bag is full, toss in the trash, and refill with a new liner. Want something a bit more cute on the counter? The Original Bacon Bin not only is adorable, but also made of BPA-free, FDA approved silicone that won’t break throughout travel.

Stove Top Cover

Protect the stove top while extending your counter space! The Camco RV Decor Mate Stove Topper sits directly on stovetop grates with no skid backing while helping quiet the rattle from travel. Most importantly, it adds much-needed room for prepping meals.


Small Appliances




It’s easy to get through a weekend without a toaster. However, an avid RVer or full-timer may prefer to have one on board. The Amazon Basics 2 Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster is simple, sleek, and small for any RV counter. Accordingly, some may find this Long Slot Toaster is perfect where its slim design may store nicely against the backsplash. For tight spaces, checkout this single slice toaster.



Smoothie anyone? Although less of an essential, it refreshingly complements any camper. The Ninja Nutri Blender is compact with a ton of power. 


French Press

Many swear by the flavor of a French Press and the full-bodied delicious brew it makes. The Stanley French Press is a large capacity, double layered, stainless steel french press that is tough and durable for the road.


Coffee Machine

Unfortunately, most campers don’t have room for a mega brew station on their RV kitchen countertop. The KRUPS Simply Brew is a simple and small coffee maker perfect for campers. If you’re a coffee lover, check out the Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffee Maker. Additionally, for those “pod” people out there, the Keurig K-Mini is sleek, compact, and travel-friendly, taking up minimal countertop space.

More small-space coffee makers:

Frigidaire, 26 Lbs. Ice Maker, Black Stainless Steel, EFIC130

Ice Maker

Without an ice maker included in the fridge (which many RVs come without), keeping up on ice making is quite impossible. A portable ice maker like the Frigidaire Ice Maker produces ice every seven minutes. It’s great for outdoor kitchens and comes in handy for campsite gatherings.


Kitchen Storage & Organization




Spice Holders

With limited space, RVers have gotten very creative with kitchen storage. For example, hang spices within reach or organize on a spice wall rack. 

More spice storage organizers:


iconiconPlate Dispenser

This paper plate dispenser mounts underneath RV cabinets for efficient storage and easy access.


Paper Towel Holder

The Camco Pop-A-Towel mounts underneath cabinets, keeping paper towels clean and out of the way while conserving space in your RV kitchen. If you don’t want to mount one, the OXO Good Grips Steady Paper Towel Holder has a weighted, non-slip base for extra stability on the countertop.


Plate Protectors

Dishes endure many bumpy roads during our travels. The Camco Stack-A-Plate helps organize, store, and protect dishes during the journey. On a similar note, felt dividers can help protect dishware from rattling.


Banana Hammock, Fruit Hanger, Holder, Net
Fruit Hanger made by SandysSundries via

Fruit Holder

Although not a kitchen essential, a hanging fruit holder or bowl can add a homey touch to your RV kitchen while keeping fresh fruits and veggies contained.


Cupboard Shelves

Optimize space and organize your RV cupboards with shelving. Shelf racks, expandable shelves, or stackable kitchen shelves can help efficiently use vertical space in the pantry.

EasyLiner Select Grip Shelf Liner, Light Gray, 12 in. x 10 ft. RollCupboard Shelf Liners

Your little home-on-wheels is going to be moving, swaying, and bouncing down the road. Keep tableware and accessories from sliding all over the place with shelf liners. The great part is, you can use this stuff pretty much everywhere! Cut it to the size of drawers, cupboards, and even the refrigerator. Also, cut a small piece and put under soap dispensers, countertop catchalls, toasters, coffee machines, and more.


Pantry Organizers

Although motorhomes and travel trailers are like mini-homes, space must be managed and used efficiently for an even better camping experience. Often deep shelves, tall cubbies, and awkward spaces cause groceries to become buried. The great news is, there’s tons of organization products for every teardrop trailer to big rig! From can rack organizers, corner shelf racks, airtight containers, storage bins, baskets, door hanging organizers, under-shelf baskets, and more– find what works for you and your RV!


Sandwich Bag, Plastic Wrap & Foil Bin

Most campers pack aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and storage bags for saving delicious leftovers. These items are often routinely used, so must be easily accessible in the RV kitchen. Don’t worry, there’s no hardware needed for the mDesign Organizer Bin!


Plastic Bag Holder

The more you use your camper, the more it’s going to become another home! Reusing plastic bags can come in extremely helpful, whether it’s hauling items out to a picnic, transporting clothes to a laundry facility, or using them for garbage bags. The Spectrum Diversified Plastic Bag Holder easily mounts to the wall or inside a cabinet, keeping grocery sacks contained and a reach away.

8 Pack Fridge Liner Refrigerator Shelf Liners Mats for Glass Shelves Washable, 12 x 17.7 inchesRefrigerator Mats

Most RVers get used to– ever so carefully— opening the fridge after traveling down the road, fearing things won’t come crashing out! No-slip, shelf liners can help keep groceries from sliding.


Refrigerator Bar

The Camco Refrigerator Bar’s spring loaded design helps prevent items from falling out when the refrigerator door is opened.


Refrigerator Bins

RV refrigerators vary in size. Whether small or residential, organization is important! Bins like Sorbus Fridge Bins are great for creating a tidy and secure fridge interior when traveling.


Refrigerator Drawers

Limited fridge space is often an issue among RVers. Use your refrigerator space efficiently! Pull out drawer organizers can create vertical storage space of the unused portions of your fridge while keeping items secure during travel.


Refrigerator Lock 

One thing every traveler should do before taking-off is make sure the refrigerator doors are securely latched. A fridge buckle will work on most RV refrigerators with handles, preventing them from opening. For refrigerators with recessed handles, consider something like these adhesive locks.

Sinkware & Cleaning



Drying Rack

Get ready to do some hand washing! Although not so fun, this collapsible dish rack gets the job done, then compactly stows when not needed. Likewise, the Prepworks Over-the-Sink Dish Drainer takes it a step further and frees up some counter space. The over-the-sink design fits most sinks and features no-slip grips. Afterwards, collapse it for compact storage.

Dish Mat

Need something a bit more small-space friendly? Aside from just laying down a dish towel, opt for a rubber drying mat. This can be sanitized and dried quickly while folding away when unused.

Collapsible Tub

With multiple uses, this collapsing tub is ideal for dish washing, cleaning, transporting food items out to the picnic table, and more.

Sink Cover 

If your motorhome or travel trailer does not already have a sink cover, one can come in very handy. After all, it can add more counter space to your kitchen! The Oak Accents Sink Cover is rattle resistant and has adjustable rubber feet to fit the sink. Likewise, the Camco Sink Mate doubles as a cover and a cutting board.

MR.Siga Sink Caddy, Kitchen Sponge Brush Holder, Sink Organizer with Drip Tray, White & Gray

Sink Caddy

Keep soap and dish cloths contained with a sponge and brush holder. Likewise, the simplehuman Sink Caddy keeps your sink area neat and tidy. Four suction cups and a wire ledge hanger provide a secure grip on your sink. 

2 Tier Sliding Basket - Under Sink Organizer and Storage – Gray - 9Under the Sink Organizer

Organize all of your cleaning products and accessories in this sliding basket organizer. Alternatively, this caddy holds 7.5 pounds and hangs without damaging surfaces.

Dish Towels

Just like at home, a good set of dish towels, like the 3-Piece Sweet Camper Dish Towel Set, perfectly complements your RV kitchen.

Command Medium Designer Hooks, Brushed Nickel, 4 Wall HooksTowel Hook/Bar 

If your rig is lacking towel hooks or racks, simply add one where you wish. Choose from over-the-door hooks, over-cabinet towel rings, over-cabinet towel bars, or adhesive hangers.


Cleaning Towels

Speaking of towels, you’ll see in Spring Cleaning | Interior Edition, that microfiber cleaning cloths are ideal for RVs. These multi-use, microfiber cloths cut down on paper towel use, are non-abrasive for RV surfaces, and are lint-free– while grabbing the dust that often accumulates during travel or winter storage.


Dish Cleaning 

RVing consists of frequent dishwashing for a tidy kitchen and efficient food prepping space. The Joseph Joseph Scrub Brush and Storage Stand is small and compact to easily grab and use.


Hand Soap

A hand soap container must make it down the road. Consider a dispenser with a non-slip base or a silicone dispenser that won’t shatter throughout RV journeys.

iconCollapsible Broom

Although you love the great outdoors, keep it out of your camper! A simple broom, like Camco RV Broom and Dust Pan will quickly get your space clean, while adjusting and breaking down to conveniently store for next time.


Trash Bin

RV kitchen layouts are unique across the board. When it comes to a trash bin, sometimes those large and bulky household bins won’t fit. Analyze your space and determine if a slim can or under the sink can will work best.

Hanging Trash Bag Holder

Some RV layouts don’t have room for a stand alone trash bin. The Simplehuman in-cabinet trash can, Camco RV cabinet-mount trash, or iDesign bag holder can be perfect for smaller kitchens. Even so, you may not accumulate large amounts of trash. In this case, reuse grocery bags as trash bags!


Other Kitchen Accessories


Dinette Add-a-Drawer

Add drawer space under your RV’s dinette table with Add-a-Drawer. It mounts under the table while self locking mechanisms keep the drawers shut during transit.


Countertop Extension

Just don’t have enough counter space? Add more with the Camco Countertop Extension.

AntiFatigue Mat

Stylish anti-fatigue kitchen mats are a great way to spruce up your RV kitchen while being comfortable on your feet.

9 Inch Folding Step Stool for Adults and Kids Holds Up to 300 lbs,Durable Kids Heavy Duty Step Stools for Adults, Compact Light-Weight Toddler Step Stool for Home, Outdoor, Indoor Step Stool

Anyone else unable to reach overhead cabinets? For us shorter campers, a folding step stool comes in handy allowing access to all overhead storage areas.


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