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RVers often find themselves adapting to their surroundings or even chasing desired weather, many escaping the bitter cold.

Then again, what about those hunting, ice fishing, snowmobiling, or mountain-loving folks? 

Whether you’re camping in abominable snowman territories or trying to outrun the frigid temps, the proper cold weather accessories and gear will significantly improve your icy, outdoor experience!


First of all, if you are considering camping in freezing temperatures it is important to have an RV capable. For instance, some RVs are four-season RVs and come equipped with an Arctic Package that can handle extreme temps. Without proper heat or insulation, RVs must be winterized.


cold weather rving


There’s no doubt that being cold and uncomfortable can negatively impact, even ruin a special trip or activity. Investing in a few cold weather pieces can help keep those goosebumps at bay. 

We’ve rounded up a few COLD weather products and accessories for those chilly, winter warriors out there! 



Cold Weather Accessories You’ll Love For RV Camping



Warming Up the RV

If you’re camping in freezing temperatures, you should already have an RV capable of extreme weather. All season RVs and those with arctic packages or extreme weather packages have things like: enclosed underbellies, heated tanks, thermo-pane windows, heated under compartments, insulated water lines, and premium wall and roof insulation.

Although these RVs are capable of making it through below freezing temperatures, cold air can still find a way in and harsh elements can take a toll on a unit. There’s a few things you can do to help combat the cold and prevent frigid temps from taking over.


Insulation, Weatherstripping & Covers

Windows are a huge source of heat loss. Insulate large motorhome windows with a cover like Supershield Nasa RV Insulation.

Supershield Nasa RV Insulation White Face Foam Core Insulation 200sqft plus tape

The Leisure Coachworks Windshield Cover works for particular Class C Ford models, featuring side mirror cut-outs with corner pockets that hook over the edge of the doors to hold it securely in place.

Windshield Cover Fittings Protect with Mirror Cutouts Heat Insulation Durable Visor for RV Front Window Snow

Cover entry door windows with perfectly sized covers, like this 24″ x 16″ solar entry door window cover.



For other window sizes, cut multi-purpose foil to the size you need to insulate windows, vents, and other openings. This can also shield your RV interior from sun damage in the hot, summer months.


Cold air can also find its way through the exhaust fans or roof vents. A vent insulator or skylight cover fits snugly in RV vents and fans to keep the RV warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. With the easiest installation and removal, it can be used when needed year after year.



Weatherstripping is a quick fix if cool air is felt leaking in around the windows or door seals.


RVs built for freezing temperatures should include double-paned windows, sealed components, and extra insulation. Still, be sure to check and replace any bad seals so that windows, doors, and slide-outs seal tightly, avoiding any unpleasant drafts from coming through. Also, always make sure that the slides are fully extended and completely flush, sealing off any cracks.


Other products to consider for cold weather camping are an AC cover (when not in use) and tire covers (if stationary for a while) to protect them from the harsh winter elements. Make sure to know your air conditioner’s and tires exact dimensions to purchase accordingly.





If you’re parked in one spot for a length of time, it may be beneficial to skirt your RV. Not only can it help protect the underside from wind and debris, but also help keep the inside of the unit warmer.

With half the storage bulk of regular skirting, EZ Snap Skirting is a strong and durable vinyl that provides a weather barrier in extreme cold weather conditions. Through a do-it-yourself kit, you can install without drilling and cut to fit any size or type of RV.



Accordingly, AirSkirts, the inflatable RV skirt, is a fast and easy way to skirt your RV. AirSkirts’ patent-pending, inflatable system uses trapped air as a natural insulator and can be installed in minutes, without any drilling or custom modifications like traditional skirting installs. Not only can Airskirts prevent freezing pipes in the winter, but they can also be used year-round– keeping energy costs down.




Heated Water Hose

Although your RV may be capable of extreme temperatures, your typical freshwater hose will not be able to withstand freezing elements outside. Consider these hose options which offer heated water line freeze protection:




Space Heater

Using a space heater can help heat your RV in the chilly months while also conserving propane usage. 

The Mojave Portable Infrared Quartz Heater plugs into a wall outlet and provides moist, safe heat without reducing oxygen or humidity.




The Lasko Space Heater has a slim design and an adjustable thermostat which allows you to select your desired temperature while distributing warm air throughout the RV. A cool touch exterior keeps the heater safe to touch with preventative features keeping it from overheating. 


The Camco Olympian Wave-6 Catalytic Heater is also worth noting. Different from the typical electric space heater, this operates on LP gas and produces enough heat to warm 230 square feet of space. There’s no need for an electric or battery connection, making this heater perfect for boondocking or places where hookups may not be provided. It’s equipped with a safety shut off and is 99.98% efficient in catalytic heating making it a low-cost heating option throughout the frigid winter. For use in vented areas only.


Throw in an EXTRA Propane Tank!

Don’t forget extra propane on your jittery journeys! Odds are you’ll be going through it at a faster rate throughout the winter. Don’t get stuck without it!



Exterior Cold Weather Gear


Snow & Ice Removal

So, we all despise scraping the ice off of our vehicles…but it has to be done! The BIRDROCK HOME Extendable Snow Brush & Ice Scraper simply makes the process easier. The extendable scrapper can reach the huge windshields on any motorhome. This multi-use tool can also be used for brushing the heavy snow off of the roof and slide out covers. Remember, never use a shovel or scraper on RV roof materials!



If your rig doesn’t have a fixed ladder, the Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder quickly extends and collapses for stowing easily in the undercarriage.



A trusty shovel is essential in any wintery environment. Though us RVers love anything mini-sized and compact to save precious space in RV units, realistically, who wants to sit there and dig themselves out of a snowed-in site with a G. I. Joe-sized shovel? Make room for a decent shovel like the Snow Joe or Portable Folding Snow Shovel to keep your campsite from getting buried!



For those who need compact RV items, check out the Birdrock Folding Emergency Shovel or the Rhino USA Folding Survival Shovel.


Traction Mats

Speaking about using that shovel, we’ve been stuck before! And it’s not fun… Traveling in chilly conditions can present more muddy and snowy situations. Traction boards are not the ideal accessory you’ll be overjoyed to fork out cash for, but after all, you will love having them in a time that’s needed. 



We get that space is tight in an RV, but if you can find room for the Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled it can come in extremely handy! Use it for transporting RV supplies, ice fishing equipment, firewood and more throughout your winter adventures.



Heated Seating

Warm up with the Gobi Heat Heated Camping Chair. Featuring three heat settings: 9 hours on low, 6 hours on medium, and 4.5 hours on high. Folds conveniently in a carrying bag.




Portable Fireplace

Nothing beats sitting around a toasty fire with hot cocoa in your hands. Yet the freezing, wet ground might give us a run for our money, let alone the amount of firewood bundles that add up overtime. The Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit provides the perfect campfire for camping trips, tailgating, get togethers, and family evenings. Its compact and lightweight design make it easy to transport everywhere. In a matter of seconds, have a smokeless flame without digging a fire pit, using matches or buying bundles of firewood!



Likewise, the Solo Stove also provides a portable, smoke-free, contained fire. Use this firepit anywhere with its convenient carry case.





Interior Cold Weather Accessories


Blankets & Throws

The Serta Heated Electric Blanket comes in different sizes, colors, has five heat settings and an automatic shut off for safety. This blanket is even machine washable.



Offering the right amount of heat to keep your pet warm all day, the Pet Genius Heated Bed gives pets a comfortable place to rest. While only using 4 watts of power, you can either select heat output from low to high or let this thermostatically controlled bed automatically respond to temperature changes to keep your pet warm. 


Area Rugs

Your feet will love soft, cushioned area rugs throughout the unit. Rugs not only make an RV more comfortable but they also help with insulation.



Warm Meals & Beverages

A Crock-pot or Instant Pot helps create the most delicious comfort foods! With worry-free cooking, set it and come back to an amazing hot meal.


On travel days, the Contigo SnapSeals work great with the leak-proof lid and really seem to hold heat well.




Cold Weather Accessories You'll Love2



Generally, many find high humidity to be an issue when it comes to owning a recreational vehicle. Insulated RVs can quickly fill with moisture and humidity, especially when frequently showering and cooking inside. Moisture and condensation can cause damage and promote mold and mildew growth.

To avoid these problems, it’s important to keep the inside dry. Damp Rid is a simple moisture absorbing option that is space-friendly and can be placed in multiple areas throughout the RV. Just set them and forget them. You’ll know when they need replacing.

For high levels of humidity, go for a portable dehumidifier like the PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier or the Crane Dehumidifier.




Cold Weather Apparel


Winter Apparel & Gear

Heated apparel is a great option because it provides warmth without the uncomfortable bulk. It makes skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, or working on outside projects much more pleasant.

Heated apparel comes in many forms– from heated hats to socks and everything in between. One worth noting, the ORORO heated vest (womens & mens), is a lightweight, wind and water resistant vest with four carbon fiber heating elements placed across the collar, mid-back, and front two pockets. With the press of a button the user can experience three different heat settings for up to 10 hours on a single charge. This vest is perfect for outdoor sports events, winter activities, walking your pet on a chilly day, or for that person who is always cold.


Don’t forget your pets! Checkout the RUFFWEAR Furness Jacket for extreme cold conditions.



Cold Weather Accessories You'll Love2

HotHands has been around for quite some time and never fails to provide wonderful warmth. They come in packs and can easily be shared amongst everyone around a bonfire.


Boots are essential in cold weather travel, and waterproof material is even better. Strap on the ICETRAX Cleats to get the traction you need on your winter adventures!


The DryGuy Travel Boot Dryer is portable and compact– perfect for RV travelers. For more shoes, boots and mitts in the mix, DryGuy Force Dry DX is for you.





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RVING IS BEING wise and warm in the wild.