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Here’s the deal.

There’s so many quick, money-saving, penny-pinching, vacation-saving articles out there. Most say the same thing… to lose the weekly Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos… 

Things like that are unnecessary expenses. Yadda, Yadda. If you would have saved and INVESTED that money… wait for it… here’s where they usually insert a little math equation.. You would have been a GAZILLIONAIRE in 72 years! 

Joking aside, I get it. Many of us make unnecessary purchases that quickly add up overtime that could have been a big hunk of change in our pockets. 

However, when it comes to saving up for your next RV trip, there are ways to save and make a little extra cash without breaking the bank or spreading yourself too thin throughout the money saving process!

Think BALANCE. You can still treat yourself here and there while faithfully filling the vacation jar in a reasonable amount of time.


How to Save Money and MAKE Money for Your Next Vacation


Here are two ways to fill up that vacation jar:  Cutting | Creating




Cutting involves cutting down on certain expenses that fill the bulk of your bank statements. They could be daily buys, monthly bills, purchasing habits, or impulsive choices. Cutting out unnecessary expenses will help fill the piggy bank for vacation. However, be mindful of what is realistic and worth it to you.

Review the types of expenditures below and compare it to your monthly bank statement. See any areas that can be cut?  


Unnecessary Daily Expenses

First off, these little purchases are usually the bulk of your bank statements. Things like: fast food, coffee, soda, app purchases, lotto tickets, the goodies in the check-out line, or gas station snacks. Want to fill that vacation jar quicker? Weed some of these splurges out.

Do you have to cut all of them? NO! (Not unless you are having a hard time keeping up with rent. Then, that would be a different article to read…) 

However, maybe you’re a coffee person who really wants that cup of joe in the morning. You may value it enough to spend a few bucks on it while being willing to give up other unnecessary purchases in order to still grow the vacation jar.

(Psst! You may choose to spend a few bucks differently. For example on: lotto tickets, games with in-app purchases, mid-day snacks from the gas station, a specialty coffee, etc. Although some of the above choices may sound silly to some– we all have unique likes we find valuable and splurge-worthy! The idea is, to still treat yourself, but find a balance between these splurges to effectively fill the vacation jar.)


Recurring Expenses

Cancel unused subscriptions and services like: magazines, extra TV channels, beauty subscription boxes, meal kits, streaming services, and apps. Some apps or services have recurring charges and do not stop unless manually cancelled. Are you really using that gym membership or Ipsy items? If not, it’s time to cancel and save!


Trade Off Expenses 

Let’s talk about alternatives. Consider alternatives to expensive, recurring monthly bills. Check your monthly statements and see if there’s anywhere you can trade off services or products to save a chunk of money.

For example, let’s say we are not ready to say “bye-bye” to cable– or really, your show and movie services. Instead of cutting the cord on TV channels completely, look into swapping prior packages for similar services like: Sling TV, Netflix, Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, YouTube TV, or Amazon Prime Video. Do the same for overpriced cell phone service plans or even other personal expenses that leave a harsh mark on your statement month to month! In detail, if a pricey dinner date or frequent movie theater expense keeps taking up a large hunk of funds, think about less costly alternatives, and have a beautifully lit backyard dinner date or bring the theater to you.


Foolish Expenses 

We all have these once in a while… Let’s work on making these once in a greeeaaaat while. ATM fees, late fees, overdraft fees– they are like ripping up money! Try to avoid these expenses by setting up automatic payments, watching your account closely, and setting up alerts and notifications. Try to plan ahead and have cash on-hand so that you don’t get charged an ATM fee. Also, make sure you are fully aware of your banking policies.


Hidden Expenses 

Watch out for hidden expenses! Sometimes these expenses sneak into our monthly statements. Take the time to look over your statement and see if there are any purchases that look odd. Sneaky in-app purchases, subscriptions that auto-renew, new higher annual rates, and free trials that aren’t-so-free after an allotted time period– are things to look for.


Other Potential Expenses that can be Cut


Storage Units

Self-storage units are costly facilities! Yet, it’s worth the price for peace of mind knowing our stuff is still ours but out of the way and safe. But, perhaps it’s time to start thinking about downsizing and putting that money elsewhere.


Eating Out

Dining out is expensive, especially after a few mojitos! Dining in more often can help save money for that next vacation. However, don’t forget to occasionally treat yourself!



So, you’re trying to save up for an awesome summer trip to the Grand Canyon in the Minnie Winnie. Meanwhile, you’ve got the holidays, spring break, and many long weekends to entertain the kids! Besides taking that annual holiday or spring break trip, consider a “staycation” instead, and put the money saved towards your ultimate vacation!



Enough about cutting expenses! You can only cut so much! Let’s talk about making money!

Like self-made millionaire Ramit Sethi says, “There’s a limit to how much you can cut, but there is no limit to how much you can earn.”




Creating involves creating income aside from your daily job. By creating a little extra cash on the side, you don’t have to sacrifice or dip into household accounts to fund a vacation. 


Rent Out Your RV 

This is where it is at! The RV rental business is booming! Why? Because many people may not have the finances, storage space, truck capable of towing, or desire to own an RV unit. Many newbies test the waters first, renting out a motorhome or trailer before making a big decision in ownership. Some, gladly choose to rent, leaving the storage, payments, and upkeep to someone else. List Your RV for Free on RVshare. RVs are going for $100 – $300 a night! Then, a fee on top of that if you offer to deliver, accept pets, flush the tanks, include propane and more! Granted, you lose RV availability for your travels, but why not make some extra money when it would otherwise be sitting in your driveway?

List Your RV for Free on RVshare


Rent Out Your Storage Space

Have a large pole barn or piece of property to store your RV at? If so, do you have room for one, two, or a few more? RV storage is very limited and expensive! Make money by renting out storage space to other RV, boat, and trailer owners. Make sure to have detailed contracts in place! Check out STOW IT to become a host and rent out your property.


Rent Out Your Cottage

Airbnb and Vrbo have exploded! Have a cottage or vacation home you only use a few times a summer? As a “host” you can rent out a home, apartment, a bedroom, heck, people are renting out their couch!!! A bit extreme? Yes. Does it make money? Also yes… 


Rent Out Your Pool

Apparently in this day and age, you can rent-out just about anything. An online platform operating in 30 states called Swimply, has supported this trend and is hot right now! Swimply connects owners of pools with people looking for a swim session, pool party, or fun activity. It offers non-pool owners a great amenity they may not always get access to while pool owners get a hunk of change ranging from $40 – $200 an hour!


Rent Out Your Active Gear

Ever hit the slopes? Skis and snowboards are expensive equipment! Perhaps your bike has been collecting dust lately. If you find yourself only enjoying your gear a few times a year, rent it out to someone! Spinlister is a rental and sharing service that provides a platform where owners and active people look to rent or borrow equipment. Owners list their gear and renters search for their ideal equipment. Spinlister even offers protection options and delivery services. Share your bike, snowboard, skis, or surfboard through Spinlister!


Pick Up Extra Hours at Work

Ask your supervisor for some extra hours. The answer may be “No,” but make it known that if the opportunity is ever there, you will take it! 


Use Your Skills for Extra Cash

We all have our certain niche or knack at something. Even if you are unsure or swear up and down you’ve got the skill set as sharp as a mashed potato– checkout Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer and see what other people are doing. You may surprise yourself at what you can do!


Shop for Others 

Make some extra money on the side shopping for others!

There are tons of shopping platforms out there offering different features. From only shopping in-store to making deliveries, part-time or full-time options– shoppers can decide what works best for them. Check out Favor, Instacart, Shipt,, and TaskRabbit


Dog Sit

For you animal lovers out there, watching someone’s pet pays a nice chunk of change. Many pet owners try to avoid kenneling their pets at a loud boarding facility. An alternative is to look for a safe, trustworthy home that can keep their fur babies happy and comfortable while their owners are away. 

Rover is an American company where people buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog or cat boarding, and dog walking. Sitters can work full or part-time, set their own rates, and choose their own schedules. According to Kirsten Forecki, director of operations at, sitters who take two or three dogs for two weeks out of the month earn an average of $1000 a month! If you are a caring animal lover with a safe and pet-friendly home, this could be a rewarding experience with generous payouts to help fund your next vacation! 


Become a sitter on Rover


Drive People Around

This whole Uber era has taken off. Uber is one of the largest on demand, ride sharing operation that has grown popular over traditional taxis. If you have a reliable vehicle, driver’s license, and are a “people person”– Uber or Lyft may be a money making option for you. It can be a satisfying way to earn income as many drivers enjoy socializing with people while getting out of the house. 


Delivery Drivers 

So, driving random people around may not be for you… What about picking up a delivery driver shift? The holidays bring out a desperate need for extra delivery drivers in certain areas!


Sell Your Stuff

We all have that dress hanging in the closet, desk in the basement collecting dust, and countless toys that go untouched. Having a yard sale is one option to make money. On the other hand, skip the hard work! Simply snap a picture and post unused items to Facebook Marketplace, Let Go, Offer Up, Ebay, Mercari, or Craigslist. Ship items or have the buyers come to you! (Make sure to always meet at a safe, public location.)


Do you have other effective ways to fill your vacation jar?




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