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Ready for some summer scorchers?!

Combat the heat with these fun outside toys and activities for the campsite. Don’t forget the sunscreen!





Beat the Summer Heat with these Campsite Toys & Activities



Camping’s all about the great outdoors. Find a creek to explore and cool down on those scorchin’ days. Water shoes and sunscreen are must-haves!


creek stream




Just open, dunk, close, and splash with these Bunch O Balloons! A magnetic seal creates a strong seal that opens on impact.




Create endless fun with this fireman water blaster. A backpack tank helps limit refills while promoting fun, pretend play!



Simply fill a bucket and toss in. Have a water battle with these soft, reusable Splash Balls!



Have the ultimate water fight with the Nerf Soakzooka. Drench the competition with a massive blast of water!




Add some fast-fill water soakers, water blasters, super soakers, and squirt guns into the mix. Fill a tub with water for quick and easy refills. Game on!X-Shot Water Fast-Fill Epic Orange Water Blaster by ZURU


This heavy duty, collapsible pool is actually a DOG POOL! Save space and your breath (no inflation required) with this durable pool that simply pops up and folds down for easy portability. Don’t forget some toys to toss in! Little ones can go fishing or drive ships in the “sea”!






A water table is a great way for kids to stay cool and comfortable in the heat. The Little Tikes Frog and Pond Water Table breaks down, fitting in most RV cargos to bring along.



An RV-friendly, collapsible bucket can hold water for splash balls and squirt gun refills. It can also be used for other purposes like icing beverages, hauling laundry, soaking dishes, and carrying other camping items.




Dunk a Storm Ball in water and launch at your friends! Drench those up to 25ft away and watch it splash on impact.

Nerf Super Soaker Storm Ball Sling and Soak by WowWee High Velocity Band and Soft Launch Cup Slingshot with 2 Water Absorbent Splash-on-Contact Storm Balls


This Sand & Water Play Set is a small and space-friendly water table, perfect for camping. Similarly, the AQUAPLAY Children’s Lock Box Play Set is a portable water play set promoting endless amounts of fun while folding up like a suitcase to stow.



What’s better than a cold treat on a hot day? Making a delicious dessert while having fun! This Play and Freeze Ice Cream Ball offers a creative way to make ice cream. Roll this around for about 25 minutes and enjoy a home-made refreshing dessert.

Softshell Ice Cream Ball


Beat the Summer Heat with these Campsite Toys & Activities


We all wish for clear skies and plenty of sun when camping. However, be careful of going overboard!

After all, too much sun exposure can make the rest of vacation awfully uncomfortable for youngsters.


Consider taking a break from the sun while still having fun with these outdoor activities:


Worried about getting too much sun at the beach? How about bringing the beach to you! A campsite sandbox is a great outdoor activity kids can enjoy right on-site while being placed in the shade to limit sun exposure. The Little Tikes Big Digger Sandbox allows kids to dig, build, and sculpt a construction site. Or, create your own RV-friendly sandbox. Who knew a bag of sand in a bin and a few toys could entertain for HOURS?!


campsite toys sandbox




On scorching days, shade is a must! The Little Tikes Easy Store Picnic Table with Umbrella folds for portability and storage. Keep them entertained and paint rocks, play games, or do campsite crafts.



Relax under a canopy that keeps you sheltered from the sun, wind, and rain. Portable and easy to assemble products like Sport-Brella and Clam Venture Screen Shelter offers quick set up and folds for on-the-go.




For babies, sun tents, domes, and shaded activity seats are ideal when outside. As you’ll see in The Best Baby Gear For Your RV, the Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome and the Beach Baby Pop-Up are two go-to products that provide a protected area for babies to play or nap outside. The closing canopies shelter them from the sun and also protect them from bugs while collapsing flat for hauling in the RV.



The Summer Pop ‘N Jump may also look familiar! It provides a shaded activity center for growing babies to enjoy while getting fresh air outside. It folds similar to a camp chair for easy storage.

Summer Pop 'N Jump


Relax in the shade in a comfortable hammock! It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and is a hit with the whole family.





Don’t forget:

  • 2-Way Y Valve: Connect this to the campground water spigot to instantly create two tap outlets. Odds are, you’ll need a water valve for your fresh water RV hose. Use a 2-way connector to eliminate having to unhook your RV water line in order to fill up squirt guns for the kids! The adjustable flow control makes it easy to regulate water and adjust pressure levels for any water activity.  
  • Expanding Hose: The Flexi Hose’s lightweight and expanding design makes it incredibly RV-friendly. After use, the hose shrinks to conveniently stow in the RV cargo for next time.
  • Water Shoes: Hot summer days can lead to burning hot surfaces– especially if your RV is parked on a concrete site. Make sure the kids have water shoes on to protect them from any dangerously hot surfaces. 
  • Sunscreen: Don’t forget the sunscreen and to reapply accordingly! 
  • After Sun Care: Don’t let a sunburn ruin your vacation. Make sure to have some after sun care on-hand for those scorching summer days! 







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