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While many spend the winter waiting for camping season to roll around, the off-season may just be the best time to shop for a travel trailer or motorhome! 



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When is the Best Time to Buy an RV?


Generally, the BEST time to buy an RV is during late fall and winter months.

The busy camping season runs spring through fall. During this summer stretch, everyone has the great outdoors in mind, booking trips, buying camping gear, and spending as much time outside as possible. Certainly, you’ll also notice dealerships advertising the latest and greatest RVs, boasting their souped-up features and trendy styles that are brand-new to the market.

While the eventful spring and summer rush may pressure you into taking the plunge and purchasing your dream travel trailer or motorhome, the timing, however, may not be so great on your wallet.

Purchasing an RV is a large investment. In fact for many, it’s one of the biggest investments (next to a home) they will ever make. While it’s not all about finding the cheapest unit on the lot, waiting until the right time can significantly benefit you and your pocket book from good deals, discounts and other incentives.

Shopping for RVs during camping off-season (late September through February) may be the best time to find the RV of your dreams– plus score some killer sales!

Here’s why…


Better Deals with Less Demand

RV dealerships often have better deals in the fall and winter season– especially in areas with distinct seasons (cold winters and warm summers). The end of camping season followed by cold weather results in less demand for RVs. In fact, most northern RV parks and campgrounds close for the season– causing RV owners to pack up, winterize, and store their campers until next spring. Without the demand spring brings, dealerships can be more likely to give discounts to see units move off the lot in slow times.


Used RVs Go Up for Sale

Drive around your local area when camping season is coming to an end (late September and October), and you’ll most likely notice RV units scattered along roadsides with bright “For Sale” signs.

After another camping season on the books, many owners choose to sell their units. They may wish to upgrade for the new season, go with a different layout, or decide to sell due to lack of use they had previously anticipated. With winter coming, they may be eager to sell, not wanting to worry about storing and winterizing the rig yet another year. Rather than spending the money on maintenance and storage– or having a large trailer taking up the driveway or depreciating in the yard– many owners list lower prices (or are more willing to negotiate prices) to get the RV off their property and money in their pocket.


Deals on Last Year’s Model 

With any product, customers can’t wait to get their hands on the newest, coolest model. Similarly in the RV world, there’s high demand for the latest and greatest features as well. As brand-new models come out, most dealerships make room for these incoming rigs. Not wanting to sit on a ton of old inventory, many dealerships are willing to give big discounts to get the older models gone. It’s worth checking out last year’s models as they’re often not much different from the latest.


Keep in mind…


It’s Not Always About the Best Deal

It’s important to realize that buying an RV unit isn’t always about getting the lowest price possible. Rather, it’s ultimately about purchasing an RV for you that’s going to give you the best experiences and adventures ahead.

In actuality, it may be worth the price tag purchasing from a reputable dealership that is there for you before the sale AND after. Like so, it may be rewarding spending a bit more if the right RV happens to become available with that bunkhouse or specific floor plan you’ve always wanted. In the end, it’s not always about snagging the best deal possible but investing in a unit suitable for you.


Finding the Perfect RV for the Right Price

If you don’t find an RV throughout the winter months, don’t worry! RVs are sold year-round, listings can pop up at any time, and hidden gems are out there!

Expand your search results and be prepared to travel some distance if the ideal one is to become available. 


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If you haven’t found the right RV yet or are not ready to make the big splurge, consider renting an RV unit for the time being! It’s a great way to hit the road while keeping your eye out for the perfect unit to come along. Plus, it allows you to test out certain makes, models, and floor plans that would best suit you for your adventures!

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