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Let’s explore products and accessories for your RV bedroom and bunks!

Layouts differ across RV bedrooms, bunks, lofts, and bunkhouses. With limited space in motorhomes and travel trailers, many campers customize their bedrooms and bunkhouses and get creative when it comes to storage and organization. These areas not only serve as a place to catch much needed ZZz’s but, with the help of a few products and accessories, can second as another useful space. For example, bunkhouses can incorporate a playspace, bedrooms can can double as a remote working space, lofts can be a storage spot when not in use, and so on. 

Here’s 100+ products and accessories that may work in these areas.


It includes everything you might need to stock your RV bedroom and/or bunkhouse– the necessities, the nice-to-haves, and the JUST. PLAIN. EXTRAS.


Scan the list and see if something catches your eye that would work perfectly in your space!


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100 + Products & Accessories for Your RV Bedroom



Bed & Mattresses


RV Mattress

We all know camper mattresses aren’t the best. A quality mattress is worth splurging on for some peaceful sleep! Be sure to select the appropriate mattress size. RV mattresses come in a range of sizes: Short Full, Full, Short Queen, RV King, and more!

Bunk Mattress

Don’t forget the RV bunks! Make sure to measure for the correct size of mattress needed.

Mattress Topper

An easy way to gain some quality sleep is by adding a mattress topper! Not only does this save a hunk of change, but it’s a quick and simple fix for many uncomfortable RV mattresses! The Comfort Tech™ Serene Foam® Mattress Topper and 3″ Gel Memory Foam Combo Topper add a thick layer of comfort to your RV bed!



Mattress Protector

Keep your mattress in tip-top shape with a mattress protector. A water resistant mattress pad adds a layer of comfort while also protecting the mattress below.

Curved Bunk Mattress

Select your preferred mattress depth for bunks with curved corners on either the right or left side.



Angle Cut Bunk Mattress

This comes in different sizes, thicknesses, and right or left corner cuts, so you can get the perfect size and shaped mattress to fit your space.



Den-Dry Mattress Underlay

Avoid mattress condensation and prevent mold and mildness ruining your mattress with Den-Dry Mattress Underlay.


Bedlift Kit

Make under bed storage easily accessible with this kit. Springs conveniently assist in holding open and closing the mattress platform.



Under Bed Storage 

Use the large under bed space for storage. These totes provide easy access to contents while protecting camping supplies during travel. 



Bunk Ladder

This bunk ladder can be trimmed for shorter bunks. Simply trim to desired height and replace rubber feet.



Bunk Bumper Bed Rail

Protect active sleepers in RV bunks by slipping this bed rail bumper right under any deep-fitted sheet.



RV Bedding

RV Sheet Sets

RV Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes. From Full, Short Queen, Standard Queen, Short King, and more. Find the perfect sheets to fit your RV mattress. 


Camco Life is Better at the Campsite (Other sizes available)


1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft RV Short Queen (Other sizes and colors available)


The Lakeside Collection Our Favorite Place Is Together (Other sizes available)


Hearth & Harbor RV Sheets (Other sizes and colors available)



Bunk-sized Sheets

Select the right dimensions for sheets to snugly fit your uniquely-sized bunks. 


Cot Size Fitted Sheet (Other sizes available)


Gibons Cot Size Fitted Sheet


Happy at Home RV Camper Bunk Bed Sheet Set (Other Bunk sizes available)



RV Quilt & Comforter Sets

Create a restful atmosphere with these camp-themed comforters.


The Lakeside Collection Our Favorite Place is Together (Other sizes available)


The Lakeside Collection Happy Camper Set (Other sizes available)


Carstens Lumberjack Black & Red Plaid Bedding Set


Carstens Bear Trails Sherpa Bedding Set 




Beddy’s Zipper Bed Set

Beddy’s zipper bedding comes in one piece and goes on like a fitted sheet. The set includes a zip up comforter, sewn-in sheet, fitted pilowcase, sham, and comfort panels. Quickly pull up zippers and your bed is made!


Throw Blankets

Camco Life is Better at the Campsite Plush (Other colors available)


Camp Casual Camping Throw Blanket


Life is Better When You’re Camping Throw



Sheet Clips

RV beds come in all kinds of weird shapes and sizes. Secure sheets and keep them tidy with sheet clips.




Clip and use the cord lock button to desired tension. Works with all types of bedding and simple installation.



Bed Scrunchie

Convert sheets into perfectly tailored fitting sheets. Works with both flat and fitted sheets.



Sleeping Pillows

Quality sleep on vacation is a must! Select the perfect pillow for you to wake up refreshed and ready for adventure!


Decor Pillows

Add a cute camp-themed pillow or a pop of color with some decor pillows on your bed.

Support Pillow

Lay or sit comfortably in bed with the Comfort Supreme Bed Wedge Pillow. Add support while reading or elevate your legs after a long day of hiking.



Bedroom/Bunkroom Closet Organization



Hanging Closet Organizer

Use every inch of vertical storage space you can! The Simple Houseware’s instantly provides extra shelves or shoe storage and collapses when not needed.


Hanging Closet Hamper

This hamper neatly hangs in the closet to keep your bedroom nice and tidy.



Velvet hangers are great for RVs and help keep clothing from sliding off during travel. Different colors available.


Magic Pants Hanger

Each hanger can hold up to 5 pairs of pants saving limited closet space.


Small Shoe Rack

This small space shoe rack is sturdy holding 2 pairs of shoes a tier. Tiers can be moved to fit different kinds of shoes, even tall rain boots. Available in 2 – 6 tiers.



Expandable Shoe Rack

Stretch the two tiered shoe rack to fit your closet. Expands 17.72″ to 32.28.



Security Safe

Keep valuables safe during travel in this mountable security safe. For other preventable measures, see: Protecting Your RV & Accessories from Theft.



Bedroom Storage & Organization



RVers love bins, bins and more BINS! They keep items contained and organized, especially in tight spaces like in RV closets. Storage cubes are collapsible and light weight offering simplicity, functionality, and an efficient way to declutter and organize space.



Bedside Organizer

Lacking nightstand space? This bedside organizer simply slides under the mattress to hold in place. It comes in an assortment of colors with a selection of 4, 5 or 6 pockets.


Cup Holder 

Need space for your favorite beverage in a loft or bunk? Add an adjustable drink holder where it’s most convenient!


Essentials Holder

Additionally, where do you put remotes, snacks, or reading glasses in lofts, bunks, or over-cab beds– where there’s no nightstands or end tables?! The Cup Cozy Deluxe Pillow acts an essentials holder wherever you want! Set on the floor, couch, or bed and have your relaxing goods secure and right next to you. Even better, the insulated design keeps beverages cold or hot longer and fits most mugs and cups.


Bunk Wall Organizer

Add a loft or bunk organizer to store essentials. The Bright Life Bedside Shelf sticks to most walls to hold phones, glasses, and other small items. Check out the Horizontal or Vertical Types.


Floating Shelves

The Wallniture Set of Floating Shelves can display books or other items in a loft or RV bunk while containing them during travel.


Command Caddy

No more losing your phone, remote, or reading glasses in bed with the Command Caddy! Simply stick where needed.



Dresser Catchall

Have a designated spot to set your watch, phone, keys, or other essentials at night with a trendy catchall.


Jewelry Holder

Keep jewelry safe and sound in a jewelry holder.




Add hooks to provide a place to hang your robe, headphones, or keys in your bedroom or bunkhouse.


Shoe Pockets

Time to get creative with shoe storage! The Simple Next Canvas Shoe Pockets attach to bed bases for neat and out of the way storage. These pockets can also be used for books, reading glasses, remotes, chargers, and more. 


Remote Holder

Can’t keep track of the remotes down the road? Install a remote holder! The Camco Oak Accents installs without leaving any holes in your walls. 



Laundry Hamper

The Caroeas Slim Laundry Basket works well for small spaces. The slim design fits into narrow spaces like next to the washer and dryer or in a closet area. 


Bunkroom & Bunkhouse Ideas



Foam Flooring

Want to turn your bunkhouse into a playroom? You’ll see in The Best Baby Gear for the RV how we used interlocking foam mats to create a custom-sized, padded toddler friendly floor. Still, it’s not just for RVing families! Anyone can add a little comfort to their floors whether a playroom, craft room, office, or workout area. If those colorful A,B,C mats aren’t your style there’s some that look just like wood flooring. Plus, they are super easy to clean!


Curtain for Lofts & Bunks

Adding blackout curtains to loft beds or bunks can create a dark and peaceful place to rest.


Curtain Track

Privacy bunk curtains can be installed with a curtain rod or curtain track that can be customized and curved around those oddly shaped corner bunks!


Folding Desk Many campers find themselves enjoying hobbies or finding new ones in the peaceful atmosphere around them. In fact, some turn their bunkhouse into a personal office or craft room! Bring on your inner crafting, scrapbooking, or writing with a folding desk. The GreenForest Folding Desk has two tiers for your laptop and other office supplies. No assembly is required and it folds flat for storage. Similarly, the Need Small Desk, SOFSYS Modern Folding Desk, and the Tabletote Plus Portable Desk all adjust and collapse for RV storage when they aren’t in use. 


Office Chair Sometimes working on the road can be challenging without the typical “office space” to work in. In fact, I find myself more productive at an actual desk than trying to work from the bed or couch. Create your designated work area in your RV with space saving furniture. For example, this office chair easily folds for efficient storage under the desk when not in use. Likewise, a folding stool or chair can be used at a desk or as an extra dinner chair while storing nicely when not in use.

Standing Desk Really tight on space for a desk? Opt for a standing desk! From fold down desks to drop-leaf tables, there’s space-friendly options for every kind of camper on the road!


Portable Bed Sleepovers can be a bit challenging in a camper without any extra sleeping quarters. If you’ve exhausted every sofa sleeper, dinette or bunkbed, consider a portable cot, air bed, or a roll out mattress for extra campers!


Seating & Sleeping A bunkhouse can double as another area to sleep as well as a spacious area for kids to hangout! If you’re looking to add a few seating and sleeping options think about furniture that has multiple uses. For example, the Giantex Convertable Sofa, Giantex Fold Down Floor Couch, or Your Zone Flip Chair all offer seating and can be easily folded into sleeping areas.


Bedrail/Bumper Keep children in the bunks safely with the Regalo Swing Down Bed Rail or Foam Bed Bumper. Additionally, RV bedrooms can be awfully tight making getting in and out of bed difficult. Add a support rail to the master bedroom, like the LumaRail with a LED Nightlight for assistance and peace of mind.


Bunk Ladder Don’t forget a sturdy bunk ladder to climb safely in and out of a top bunk, cab bed, or loft! 

RV Storage and Organization Baby Edition 4

Storage Drawers In Storage and Organization | Baby Edition, you’ll see how we turned our top bunk into storage– and I mean, all storage! When you think about it, full-timers or avid RVers may need a bit more space for essentials. If you have an unused bunk or closet space, add stackable storage drawers to maximize vertical space!


Other Miscellaneous


Sound machine With radios, groups at bonfires, and a frequent flow of traffic in and out of a campground– noise can make a peaceful night of sleep challenging. A sound machine can help drown all the unwanted noise out, letting you catch some Zzz’s and wake up ready for adventure!


Fan Likewise, drown out noise and create a nice cool place to rest. There’s a variety of fans out there. For example, check out a 12 volt like the Hopkins Oscillating Fan, remote control such as the Rowenta, or a rechargeable like the Crane USB Fan


Washer & dryer So Glamper-ish, right? Well, if your avid RVers of full-timers, a washer and dryer can be extremely convenient, especially in areas without laundry amenities! Check out a Stackable Washer Dryer Set or combo and see if it’s right for your travels! No room? Look into a  portable washing machine. If you’re boondocking a manual non-electric portable washing machine may be ideal! 


Clothes Drying Rack Naturally dry clothes to save energy while on vacation! The Honey-Can-Do Tripod Clothes Drying Rack holds up to 36 garments at once! The best part? It folds for RV-friendly storage! Similarly, the Witmor Folding While Spacemaker Drying Rack is a simple solution to air drying clothes. It also folds flat and slips easily in a closet or slim area.


Ironing Board Some may question why one would even need to iron their camp clothes… I mean, they are CAMPING!? Although this may be true, think about those full-time RVers living in their rig. For example, not everyone’s full-time living experience is about long hikes and bonfires. In fact, many use their rig like a home and head to work from there. On the other hand, some choose to use their RV like a hotel and travel to attended weddings, business meetings, concerts, excursions, and more– requiring business casual and cocktail attire. If you find yourself needing dressy attire on the norm, consider the ironmatik Space Saver Ironing Board which holds the iron and hangs out of the way when not needed!


Steamer On a similar note, if you don’t want to go the ironing board route, check out the Conair Turbo Extremesteam Handheld Fabric Steamer. It’s a staple product for RVers and is compact enough for any RV drawer, storage cupboard, or suitcase.


Bedlift Kit Make access to under bed storage easy with a bedlift kit. Strong hydraulic lifts hold up the bed safely so you can maximize storage space and pack efficiently for travel!

Bed Extender So, RV mattresses typically have one thing in common… They are shorter than your standard mattress! Convert your RV mattress into a full size queen by inserting these extender foam sections between the headboard to gain length so those taller campers can sleep comfortably!


Dehumidifier High humidity and condensation can really take a toll on RVs. Combat it quickly with a dehumidifier. The PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier reduces humidity in small areas. Its portability and auto shut off feature make it worry free and easy to place where needed. No power hookups? DampRid has always been one of our favorites. With a variety of options available (hanging, Hi-Capacity Absorbers, Drop-In Tabs, and more) simply leave these in cabinets, cupboards, or out in the open as they attract and trap excess moisture from the air.


Laptop desk for bed Want to read, write, or work from your comfortable bed? In fact, you don’t need a separate office or room to bring out your crafty or creative side– or even to work remotely. The Sofia + Sam Memory Foam Lap Desk allows you to turn your bed or floor into a work desk– and even has a USB light option and wrist rest! If that’s not enough, the Cooper Desk PRO has it all! This versatile desk can be used as a laptop table, dinner tray, floor table, gaming desk, reading/writing table, or bed desk. It also has a built-in tablet groove, storage drawer for cables or chargers, and comes with a book stand. Plus, the book stand and legs stow underneath the table for efficient storage!

Blackout shades Anyone else like a dark room to sleep? Now you can sleep in pure darkness no matter what time it is with these RV Manual Roller Shades!


Reading Light/Nightlight Want to read without keeping others up? RV bedrooms often lack nightstand areas where a lamp could be beneficial. With this in mind, use a personal reading light! From push lights, to clip on, or even rechargeable lights– consider what would work best for your interests and space!


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