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You’ve recently seen 100+ Products and Accessories for Your RV Kitchen. Now, it’s time to move on to the BATHROOM!

Check out these ultimate products and accessories for your RV bathroom. Just like the last list, this incorporates something for every kind of motorhome, travel trailer, or camper out there.

It includes everything you might need to stock your RV bathroom– the necessities, the nice-to-haves, and the JUST. PLAIN. EXTRAS.

Now, there’s no way you can fit 100 products in your RV bathroom… Seriously, have you seen some of these bathrooms? You can be on the toilet, in the shower, and wash your hands at the same time… They are SMALL.

With that in mind, simply scan through the list for ideas that could work perfectly in your unique home-on-wheels!


100 + Products & Accessories for Your RV Bathroom 

The Necessities, Nice-to-Haves, & Just Plain Extras




Sink Area



Glamper Bathroom Collection - Soap/Lotion Pump

Soap Dispenser

One of the best things about RVing is decorating with cute, camp-themed accessories! For example, this soap dispenser from Lakeside Collection complements any camper’s bathroom. However, be sure to stow breakable items securely during travel.

More camp-themed soap dispensers:


Mountable Soap Dispenser

RV bathrooms tend to be less spacious with smaller sink areas for belongings. In fact, sometimes there’s not much counter space at all. Go for a mountable soap dispenser that’s drill-free using 3M waterproof adhesive tape.


Small-Space Soap Dispenser

Worried about mounting something to your walls? This compact soap dispenser suctions to the side of the sink without taking up any counter space.


Hand Soap Dish

Favor bar soap instead of liquid? Keep it a reach away in the TOPSKY holder.

Steripod Clip-on Toothbrush Protector, 2 Count, Multicolor, (Colors May Vary)

Toothbrush Travel Case/Cover 

Keep toothbrushes clean and protected. Covers prevent cross contamination and direct contact in the bathroom or travel bag.

More toothbrush covers:


Toothbrush Holder

For those who like to keep toothbrushes out on the counter, opt for a slim holder with a no-slip base. 



Hanging Toothbrush Holder

Hang toothbrushes up and out of the way using vertical storage space. Consider designs like AFFIXX’s Toothbrush & Toothpaste Holder or the Dual Toothbrush Holder.


Countertop Caddy

Have some counter space to work with? Keep bathroom items secure and organized on the counter in the Joseph Joseph EasyStore Organizer. The non-slip base keeps it in place while toothbrushes, razors, makeup, or lotions are easily reachable. (Match your Joseph Joseph products for an efficient countertop and a super trendy look!)


Corner Organizer

Make use of corner space with a vanity stand like the iDesign Clarity 2-Tier Shelves.


Mainstays Small Portable Shower Caddy Frost PlasticUnder Sink Caddy

Secure toiletries in a caddy tote under the sink. Set it out when needed or take it to the bathhouse.


Camper RV Bath Hand Towel by KDEMBROIDERYDOTCOM – Etsy

Hand Towels

Add a cute set of camp-themed hand towels to your RV bathroom. These are custom embroidered using high quality material.


Shower Area




Bath Rug

Adding a bathroom mat provides comfort but gives your space an instant homey-feel. Plus, it keeps you from slipping and excess water from sitting on the RV floor.

More bathroom rugs:


Shower Head

Swap out that old, standard RV shower head. The Oxygenics PowerFlow RV Shower Head Kit features five spray settings that’s designed for high performance in RVs.


Shower Organizers

Although shower designs vary across the board– one thing most RV showers have in common is limited space! Store shower supplies up and out of the way with shower shelves and caddies.

More shower organization:


Hanging Shower Caddy

The Simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy easily secures to the shower head. Its rust proof and quality design allow campers to adjust the shelves making it suitable for their shower space and needs.


Shower Pocket

For a mount-free option, the Shower Pocket Organizer connects to the shower curtain and has six mesh pockets for bath items.


Soap Dish Holder

Peel and stick this soap holder to the shower wall where needed.

More soap dish holders:


Shampoo Soap Dispenser

Shampoo bottles cluttering the shower? The Clear Choice 3-Chamber Shower Dispenser is the perfect accessory! This dispenser can easily be mounted for a sleek and simple shower solution.


Shower Curtain & Accessories

For a quick update, switch out the old shower curtain and add a set of trendy camper hooks.

Expanding Shower Rod

To create more elbow space, the Extend-A-Shower Expanding Shower Rod gives you up to 30% more washing room. When you’re all dried off, it flips back inside the shower.


Shower Mat

Avoid slipping in your RV shower with a small shower mat. Then again, many RV showers designs are unique– often small and oddly shaped. Try a triangle or square mat in your space.


Shower Seat

This adjustable shower seat can be used in a bathtub or shower stall. It features slip resistant feet, easy grip handles, a notch to hold the shower sprayer, and a durable plastic seat.


Over The Door Hooks

Every camper should have a couple over-the-door shower hooks in their bathroom.Why? Because they have multiple uses! For one, flip the hook on the outside of the shower to create an instant towel hook. Secondly, flip them towards the inside of the shower to hang bathing suits after a day at the pool. Thirdly, grab one and throw it into your bathhouse caddy just in case the campground stall doesn’t have enough hooks for your personal items.


Camper Towel by threetreedesigns – Etsy

Bath Towels

No RV bathroom is complete without a soft set of bath towels! These personalized towels add a beautiful touch to your bath.


Livhil Shower Bag for College Dorm, Hanging Portable Mesh Gym Shower Caddy Toiletry Bag for Women Men

Bathhouse Caddy

Many campers head to the bathhouse for their showering needs. From caddies to totes— select one that is easily portable and dries quickly.

More bathhouse caddies:

Shower Deck

Opt to use the bathhouse showers? Watch out for slippery floors with the Portable Shower Deck. This sturdy platform not only protects you from falls but adds a barrier between you and the bathhouse floor. Fold it up and it becomes a carrying case for shower accessories!


Toilet Area



Toilet Paper

Most importantly, first things first, only use toilet paper specifically designed for RVs. (See Top 10 Toilet Paper Picks, here.)

More RV-friendly toilet papers:

Command Bath Matte Black Toilet Paper Holder, 1 Toilet Paper Holder, 2 Strips

Wall Mounted Toilet Paper Holder

Some RVs lack a mounted toilet paper holder. After all, there may not be much to work with given the small space. The Command Toilet Paper Holder installs without damaging your walls. Worried about the roll rattling off during travel? Consider mounting one vertically!

More toilet paper holders:


Hanging Toilet Paper Holder

An over the tank toilet paper holder is a great option if you’d rather not mount or stick anything onto the walls. Of course, RV toilets don’t have tanks, however, this can work over a nearby cabinet door.


Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder

Have some unused space beside the toilet? Don’t let this go to waste! Store extra toilet paper rolls with a free standing toilet paper holder with reserve.



Gravity RV Toilet

Update your toilet with one that beats most smaller RV toilets. Featuring a full-size residential-style wood seat, the Dometic 320 Series delivers a bowl-clearing rinse every time with only one pint per flush.





iconWashing Machine & Dryer

Nothing beats the convenience of having your own washer, dryer, or space-saving combo on board. Skip the laundromat and wash anytime and anywhere, as long as you have water hookup and power.


Caroeas 22


Laundry Hamper

When it comes down to it, there’s not much space in an RV for a laundry hamper. However, there are RV-friendly options out there! For example, the Caroeas Slim Laundry Basket easily fits in very narrow spaces.

More RV-friendly laundry hampers:




Although for the exterior of the RV, the Stromberg Carlson Bumper-Mount Clothesline gives towels and wet clothes an out-of-the-way place to dry.

iconLaundry Reel

For indoor or outdoor use, the Coghlan’s Laundry Reel attaches to a post, tree, or wall by looping line around or by the brass hooks. It holds 21’ of nylon line to hang laundry items. 


Storage & Organization



Under Sink Storage

Keep your toiletries, linens, or bathroom cleaners organized in stackable bins like the mDesign Plastic Bathroom Bins.

More under sink storage:


Towel Hook

No towel hook? Add one where needed! Hang hand towels with peel and stick adhesive, over-the-cabinet options, or mountable accessories.



Cupboard Bars

RVers know that the bumpy journey can rattle everything inside their cabinets and cupboards. Keep your items secure with extendable tension rods


Medicine Cabinet Organizer

Small organizers can help tidy up the medicine cabinet. At the same time, they keep items from moving around during travel.

Spectrum Diversified Steel Wire Vintage Cabinet and Wall Mount Storage Basket, Large, Industrial Gray

Floating Shelves & Baskets

Floor space is limited as is in any RV. Due to this, use vertical space whenever you can. Create more room for your toiletries by installing shelving or baskets. Keep in mind, things must be able to travel down the road. Opt for shelving with rails or that are basket-style.


Plastic Bins

RVers can never have too many bins! Keep toiletries, linens, and extras neat and contained.


Floor Cabinet

Think RV-friendly! This thin toilet vanity is sleek and small, adding extra storage in a corner or dead space.


Space Saver Sink Counter

I’m sure every camper can agree that they wish there was a bit more counter space in the RV bathroom. Anyone else’s toiletries keep falling into the sink? Time to make some space! Check out The Matte. It quickly unfolds to instantly create a tray over the bathroom sink. When finished, fold it up and store. Combine this with the Lay-n-Go for the perfect bathroom setup.


Drawer Organizers

RV drawers are often narrow, making drawer organization difficult. Arrange them with assorted bins by mixing and matching different sizes to fit any drawer.



In-Cabinet Over-Door Organizers

Items like hair dryers, styling tools, and brushes can be large and clunky, taking up a considerable amount of drawer space. Keep your hair care tools a reach away while also out of sight for an uncluttered appearance. This Over-the-Cabinet Door Styling Center conveniently holds a hair dryer and other styling tools.


Over Door Storage

Coming in different colors, the Simple Houseware Over Door Wall Mount features a large clear window to see toiletries. For even more storage space, there’s a 6 pocket design available.


Towel Rack

Place the Over Door 3 Bar Towel Rack over the shower door or any standard bathroom door. Similarly, the mDesign Towel Rack stores towels, yet mounts securely to the wall.


Other Bathroom Accessories



Tissue Holder

So, you’ve recently seen Pop-A-Towel in 100+ Products and Accessories for your RV Kitchen… Similarly, there’s Pop-A-Tissue for your RV bathroom! This easy to install dispenser holds tissues upward or downward and fits most tissue brands.


My Fold-Away Mirror The Lighted Double Sided Vanity Makeup Mirror, As Seen on TV!


Bad lighting? My Foldaway Mirror features bright LED lights on both sides of the double-sided design folds conveniently for storage.

Mr. Beams MB 723 MB723 Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight, 3-Pack, White, 3 Count

Night Light

No need to turn on the bathroom light disturbing other sleepers. The Mr. Beams Battery Night Light easily sticks to walls, lighting the bathroom or hallway. Also notable, the GE 4-in-1 LED Night Light functions as a power failure light, a night light, a task light and an emergency light.



High humidity can wreak havoc to an RV. In fact, cooking, showering, and muggy weather can cause moisture build up, which over time, can lead to wood rot, mold, and mildew. Ultimately, a dehumidifier can prevent and avoid these issues down the road. A portable dehumidifier, like the PureGuardian Small Space Dehumidifier, reduces humidity in small areas. Its auto shut off feature makes it worry free and easy to place where needed. For a no power alternative, DampRid has always been one of our favorites. Simply leave these in cabinets, cupboards, or out in the open as they trap excess moisture from the air.

Ceiling Fan

Speaking of high humidity, one of the best ways to avoid moisture build up is to open the ceiling fan when showering to draw air out. If your fan is in need of an upgrade, the Dometic Fan-Tastic Ceiling Fan Vent quickly removes stuffy air, and within seconds, draws fresh, clean air in. This can be done by a reverse switch that sets the fan blade directions– airflow in or out– by owner preference. It also has a built-in thermostat to help maintain desired temperatures along with a rain sensor.


Clothing Steamer

While it may look awfully “Glamper-ish” to some, (in fact, you’ll see it again in: Does This Make Me Look Like a Glamper?), you’d be surprised over the amount of campers who actually live, work, or use their home-on-wheels for their career, business meetings, or events. Despite your business attire often being tucked away to fit, a steamer like the Conair Turbo ExtremeSteam dewrinkles clothing within seconds!


Over-the-Door Clothing Organizer

Steam items or hang clothing for business meetings, events, or leave hand-wash only items to dry on this over the door hanger.


Step Stool

Reach overhead cabinets with the help of a folding step stool. It folds flat to easily tuck away.



RVs typically don’t include a bathtub. Without one, bath time can be difficult for babies. If you’re avid travelers or even full-timers, consider having an inflatable bath for your little one on board. (For more RV-friendly baby gear, see: The Best Baby Gear for Your RV.)

More infant bathtubs for your RV:


Cleaning Products & Supplies



Bathroom Cleaner

As you’ve read in RV Spring Cleaning | Interior Edition— it’s extremely important to select products safe and suitable for your RV surfaces. Consider brands like Unique, Thetford, and Valterra for your RV bathroom. 



squeegee can quickly clean and prevent water spots in RV showers. Have one hanging inside and use it after every shower for a spotless look.

Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1, Dry and Wet Multi Surface Floor Cleaner and Broom, Sweep and Mop Starter Kit


A Swiffer Sweeper Dry + Wet All Purpose Floor Mop is super RV-friendly, collapsing and providing both dry and wet refills. Reusable pads are also available instead of mop refills, allowing campers to easily wash and reuse– while using their preferred floor cleaner.



Tank Treatment

RV tank treatment is essential and helps ensure an efficient working system. It helps breakdown toilet paper and waste, avoiding clogs and septic issues, while cutting down on sewage smells. After all, there’s multiple products out there based on ingredients and personal preferences.

Check out:


Toilet Brush

RV toilet materials tend to be more delicate than home toilets. The Fuller Brush is gentle for RV, marine, and home use, featuring soft fibers to safely clean plastic and porcelain toilet bowls. When finished cleaning, the cone sleeve removes excess water before storing.

More RV-safe toilet brushes:


Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Again, look for cleaners that are gentle on your RV surfaces. Pure Power Toilet Bowl Cleaner contains no harsh chemicals while effectively removing hard water deposits. Similarly, Aqua-Foam Toilet Cleaner is easy to use, requires little water, and cleans the bowl without scrubbing. It also is safe for plastic, porcelain, seats and other toilet components.


Trash Can 

Having a hard time finding a trash can to fit in your small camper bathroom? Check out some of these narrow cans, below.

Small-space trash cans:


Hanging Trash

A hanging trash may work best in uniquely designed bathrooms or tight spaces. For example, the iDesign Classico Steel Over the Cabinet Plastic Bag Holder fits over standard cabinet doors and can hold garbage bags or reusable grocery bags for trash. Similarly, the simplehuman 10 Liter In-Cabinet Trash Can hooks securely on a cabinet door for easy use while keeping the trash hidden– creating a clean and tidy looking bathroom.


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